I am a passionate educator who hopes to inspire and grow the next generation of talented and thoughtful Interaction Designers and researchers. Since arriving at UTS at the end of 2012, I have continued to refine different subjects to create a more consistent and coherent learning experience technology-design. Since then, I have led the development of an Interaction Design major for IT students and recently successfully designed the curriculum for a new Master of Interaction Design (MIDes) for the Faculty of Engineering and IT at UTS.

Currently, I am the Program Coordinator for Games, Multimedia and HCI. I am also a Coordinator of Higher Degree Research (HDR) studentsin the School of Software, as well as a member of the Teaching and Learning Committee of the School of Software, Faculty of Engineering & IT.


Saud Nasser (PhD) - Designing technologies to support active ageing in Saudi Arabia

Songjia Chen (PhD) - Designing VR to support experiential learning

Jeanette Bell (PhD) - Designing technologies to support positive experiences for people living with Young Onset Dementia

Jeannette Durick (PhD) - Co-Designing networked technologies with ageing people to support active ageing

Brownyn Cumbo (PhD) joint supervision with Dr Brent Jacobs - Supporting an engaging connection between young people and the natural environment in urban areas through the use of location-based mobile games

Eleanor Davies (PhD) - Designing iTs to better support social wellbeing

Lara Atachian (Master) - Designing technologies to better support communications between couples who live together

Dana Achrafi (Master) - Developing more effective programs to teach young children to code

Vincent Feng (Master) - Designing technologies to support skilled volunteering

Aimee Woods (Honours) - The role of digital technologies to empower and support pregnant Indigenous women